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From the moment you walk into Dion Jackson's personal fitness studio, the energy is palpable. The music is bumpin, the gym equipment is hummin`, the star pics on the walls are stunnin`and the man himself is runnin’ it - exuding an emboldening aura of compassion, care and power! As a health and fitness trainer with a built-in kinetic surge and boundless creativity, AFAA certified personal trainer and aerobic instructor, Dion Jackson went from South Central Los Angeles to Hollywood to take the Entertainment and Health & Fitness industry world by storm. His ideologies have shaped and influenced many of today's multimedia trends for fitness – from the concept of fitness in hotels and rooms, to visualizing a 24-hour All-Fitness TV network. Over the course of a thrilling career trajectory, he has created an enviable insider’s niche of high powered celebrity and executive clientele, yet makes his secrets and services available to all.

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When Jennifer Lopez was morphing from “Fly Girl” dancer to superstar “J-Lo,” Dion was there sculpting her ample curves into sensual, sumptuous shape. When Jim Carrey needed ripped abs for his “Riddler” costume in Batman Forever, Dion put him through the regime that had everyone looking at the funny man in a sexier light. And when Richard Pryor was in the early stages of his battle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), it was Dion who breathed new life into the icon, strengthening him to complete a couple more movies and embark upon a dignified final standup comedy tour. From Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman to Raquel Welch and Aaliyah, these famous people are but a few who have been literally realigned – inside and out - by Dion Jackson, a man born to inspire others to look, feel and BE their very best.

With over 30 years in the fitness business as a Trainer/Teacher/Manager, Dion is successful because he truly and deeply cares about people and the results that they get. The man is renowned for making what many people perceive as an hour of torture into a whirlwind of engaging activity that flies by in the blink of an eye. Dion earned the nickname “Blast” because his all natural effervescence energizes a room. And he’s always about making a workout play-filled, funky and fun! “When you feel better,” Dion states, “you feel better about yourself. I try to capture that adrenaline rush in a bottle you keep within you that you can tap into on your own for the rest of your life. My job is to make it really simple for you. It’s all about a calendar and a calculator. No matter what your health problem is, the answer is always a little work out and a little food. I call it The All Seasons Fitness Plan - giving you the tools to keep you focused on fitness through winter, spring, summer and fall.”

The key to understanding Dion’s program is that he has already made allowances for the human factor. “It’s a lifestyle change,” he explains. “You’re going to have ups and downs, so we make adjustments. Whether you’re highly motivated or unmotivated, working 12 hour shifts or vacationing – there’s always something you can do daily to feel better and be healthy. I don’t care what size you are, what drug you’re on, what gender or race - if you’re serious, I’ve got some tools for you.” Dion finds that people are often mistaken about what it means to be “healthy.” “A lot of people think it means being super buff or super strong. But good health is actually applicable to things you do in everyday living. It may be your ability to play with your children or pick them up. It could be as simple as being able to walk around your block or carry your luggage.”

Now, Dion spends most of his time training clients in their homes privately, or at his own gym, which is nestled sweetly between Sunset and Hollywood Blvd., at the base of the Hollywood Hills, on Fairfax Blvd, where he personally trains his select clients.

The yin to Dion’s yang is Melinda Baskins, Dion’s wife, who practices "Shine" in her MelindaLuvStudio. Shine, is therapy that Melinda developed for the whole person, using wellness elements of yoga, pilates, gyrotonics, breathwork, and meditation. At the end of the day, Dion Jackson will always be a trusted, personal trainer. Helping people one to one is simply the essence of who he is. “I love my job,” Dion concludes. “Training is perceived as a kids job - walking around with your arms puffed up counting out numbers. But I found my niche. Every day I see people transform before my very eyes. For years I've been the best kept secret. Now I want bigger opportunities to help more people.”

Full list of CELEBRITIES
Jim Carrey- Pam Anderson- Al Pacino- Dustin Hoffman- Barry Levinson- Peter Bogdanovich- Robert Evans- Jennifer Lopez- Sean Lennon- Teri Hatcher- Johnny Gill- Belinda Carlisle-Mason -Raquel Welch-Harvey Keitel-Lorraine Bracco- Richard Pryor- Carrie Fisher- BeverlyDeAngelo- Debbie Reynolds-Lauren Holly-Ce Ce Penniston- Miki Howard- Joe Sample- Richard Dean Anderson- Alicia Silverstone -Harold Becker- Laura Harring- Cherrelle-Tina Louise- Aaliyah- Harper Simon- Tracey Ullman- Cloris Leachman- Rob Lowe- John DeLorean- Christina Ferrera- Carol Kane- Nona Gaye- Vince Neil- Nia Long- Kate Driver- Downtown Julie Brown- Clarence Avant- Murphy Jensen- Natalie Raitano- Joan Severance- Steve Railsback- Alicia Silverstone- Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald George.


Self Magazine 6 page layout January 2002:
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Aaliyah Memorial Foundation for Cancer Research
GRAMMY`s Music Cares
Beverly Hills Police Dept.
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Project Angel Food = Feed the AIDS afflicted & homeless

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Health Clubs:
Fox Hills Nautilus Plus (6 years)
Marina Health & Fitness Center in Marina Del Rey (1 year)
Family Fitness Center in Beverly Hills (5 years)

The Mondrian in Hollywood
The Beverly Hills Hotel
The FourSeasons in Beverly Hills
The Hotel Bel Air
The Viceroy in Santa Monica
The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

Paramount Studio
20th Century Fox Studio
Raleigh Studio
The AlleyKat Dance Studio







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